Lawyers Predict Ripple Win and XRP Rally Shiba Inu and Everlodge Set for Explosive Fourth Quarter

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The price of XRP has been predicted to rally as lawyers forecast a victory for Ripple in the SEC case. Also, as the crypto market enters bull territory, Shiba Inu and Everlodge are two altcoins predicted to record great gains. In this article, we will take a look at the predictions for these three trending cryptocurrencies.

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Lawyers Predict Ripple Win and XRP Lawsuit

The almost three-year-long Ripple lawsuit is expected to reach a conclusion soon. With the SEC recently dropping all charges against the Ripple executives, lawyers expect the verdict to go Ripples way. As a result, the XRP coin has been projected to embark on a major rally.

Lawyer Bill Morgan gives the SEC a 3% chance of winning its appeal against Ripple and XRP. However, Jeremy Hogan is less bullish, predicting that the SEC still stands a 14% chance of winning an appeal. Regardless, Ripple and XRP still remain the overwhelming favorites to win this case.

There is more positive news for the altcoin, as there are rumors that Frances CBDC efforts might involve XRP. Because of this, crypto analysts have predicted that the price of XRP could increase significantly after a Ripple victory. From $0.5338, many crypto analysts predict that the XRP price could reach its all-time high at $3.

Experts Predict 600% Price Increase for Shiba Inu

When the Shiba Inu layer 2 network, Shibarium, launched in August, many investors expected a price spike. The Shiba Inu coin, SHIB, would decline from $0.00001100 to $0.000006710 in October. However, SHIB is now showing signs of recovery.

Joining the crypto market rally, the price of Shiba Inu has increased above the $0.000007200 resistance. However, crypto analysts predict that SHIB could see more gains in the coming days. According to Finders panel of analysts, the Shiba Inu price could increase by 600%.

However, unlike previous bull markets where the SHIB price grew in weeks, these gains are expected to happen over two years. This will see the price of Shiba inu reach a high of $0.00004930 by 2025.

Everlodge Set To Democratize the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the world, with a valuation of over $280 trillion. However, the high cost of properties has prevented investors from joining this profitable industry. However, Everlodge is launching to democratize this industry by building a blockchain property marketplace.

Everlodge would allow every investor to participate in real estate investment with as little as $100. To achieve this, Everlodge will list properties on its marketplace. The title deeds and ownership documents of these listed properties will be digitized and minted as an NFT. The platform will then use fractionalization to divide the NFTs into smaller portions.

These NFT fractions will act as shares in the properties and allow investors to buy as low as $100. In addition, the ecosystem also includes a Launchpad. Property developers can use the platform's Launchpad to raise funds for their upcoming real estate projects.

This hybrid property co-ownership model of Everlodge provides nearly everyone the opportunity to finally own a piece of real estate. As a result, crypto analysts are hyper-bullish about the platforms utility token, ELDG. Now trading at $0.023, ELDG has been projected to reach a value of $0.50 before the years end.

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