Trust Stamp Has Presented A Viable Technology for The Alternative To Detention Market

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

The incarceration industry capitalizes on the assumption that incarcerating people is necessary. This assumption has led to the establishment of detention facilities that sometimes prioritize financial gain over the welfare of detainees. While there may be instances where detention is necessary for national security or public safety reasons, it is important to recognize that more humane alternatives to detention exist.

Trust Stamp Inc. (NASDAQ: IDAI) is working to create viable alternatives to detention facilities. The company specializes in trust and identity services used globally and has launched its new Tap-In BandTM as an alternative to detention. The Tap-In Band is a wrist-worn, tamper-resistant band that is hypoallergenic and equipped with NFC technology. This technology enables discrete check-ins and communication with people who are enrolled in community-based supervision programs.

By using the GPS and NFC technology in a user's mobile phone, the Tap-In Band allows the user to verify their location and well-being. They can tap the band to their phone to gain direct access to a personalized web portal with messaging and other features. The use of the Tap-In Band also enhances facial biometric authentication, which uses the phone's camera. The band is tamper-proof, and Trust Stamp holds the patent covering multi-factor authentication using a band and biometric authentication.

Unlike current ankle and wrist-worn technologies, the Tap-In Band does not have a battery. This removes concerns about battery failure and the inconvenience of charging. Additionally, the band doesn't contain GPS tracking technology, which can ease user apprehension about intrusive monitoring. If someone tries to remove the band, the band will permanently notify tampering, even if the band is competently repaired. The Tap-In Band also uses Trust Stamp's patented IT2 identity tokenization process, which allows users to biometrically authenticate without storing any biometric images or templates.

Gareth N. Genner, Trust Stamps Chief Executive Officer shared, The Tap-In Band is the result of three years of market discovery and development and is a game-changer. The band is battery-free and has a fitness band-styled design that provides secure authentication without imposing embarrassment or discomfort. We are not publicly releasing final images of the customizable aesthetic design but I will say that the Band is available in a variety of colors with optional design features that ensure that the underlying use-case is not obvious to an onlooker.

The use of our IT2 identity tokenization, combined with data flows that do not require any data to be received or processed by Trust Stamp or any other vendor, ensures that the legitimate privacy and safety concerns that are raised by legacy technologies are removed with the Tap-In Band. While the Tap-In Band can be used for continual monitoring programs, we believe that the highest and best use is to support programs that require scheduled or randomly triggered check-ins.

Alternative programs to detention, like Trust Stamps Tap-In Band, offer a more compassionate and cost-effective approach. Not only are these programs more humane, but they also provide significant savings to society. Instead of investing in expensive detention facilities, these programs offer affordable alternatives that allow individuals to remain in the community while their cases are being processed. These programs typically have a high success rate, ensuring compliance with proceedings while providing support and supervision.

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