The Dog Wizard Offers Comprehensive Dog Training Programs in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL: According to the National Institutes of Health, 27-50% of all shelter admissions in the United States result from behavior issues. These concerning statistics can be mitigated through adequate training, commencing from a young age when the dog is just a puppy. The Dog Wizard offers comprehensive training programs that can help dog owners enjoy having better-behaved dogs, redefining this reality.

One of the trainer’s services is private dog training lessons. The program is open to all dogs, especially those with behavioral problems like aggression, excessive barking, separation anxiety, and hyperactivity. The experts prioritize getting to the bottom of these behaviors before offering effective and practical training solutions.

Besides private classes, the trainer offers dog training Tampa in group settings. This learning environment not only allows dogs to interact with others but also cultivates essential skills. The dog learns the art of cooperation, respect, and effective communication.

The Dog Wizard also offers board and training programs for dogs, catering to dog owners who desire a well-trained canine companion that can be trusted to stay at home without causing havoc. These programs, available for 7, 14, or 21 days at the center, not only enhance the dog’s training but also boost their confidence and address other behavioral issues.

The trainer also assists clients dealing with dogs that exhibit specific behavioral problems, like resource guarding. To achieve better results, the professionals craft a customized training plan. The team considers the underlying issue, which may stem from natural instincts, health issues, or insufficient training.

In addition, The Dog Wizard provides a support group class that’s open to all dogs and their owners once they’ve completed other programs at the school. Unlike some classes, this lifetime support is meant to help dogs improve their skills, even in distracting situations. Pet owners also get the opportunity to connect with other dog owners and offer each other support.

Aside from their outstanding programs, The Dog Wizard is home to skilled dog trainers. These professionals have a genuine love for dogs, are well-versed in various breeds, and have expertise in understanding and meeting the dogs’ needs.

Speaking about the dog training company, LeAnn Rosario, a satisfied client, noted: “We had a wonderful training experience. They were able to help us with our husky resource guarding and nipping issues. He has come back to us with a new attitude. He is still the happy, fun, loving puppy, but we now have the tools and plan in place to help us keep up the training. Everyone we have worked with at the facility is wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

Dog owners interested in any of the training services can contact the trainer at (813) 464-2168. The Dog Wizard is located at 4323 W Tyson Ave, Tampa, FL, 33611, USA. Visit the trainer’s website for more information.

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